Universal Testing Machine
We offer Universal Testing Machine, which has been made to provide accurate as well as repeatable test results: It has been engineered to perform precise tests with repeatability and high accuracy. This is an essential device for quality control as well as research purposes.
Melt Flow Indexer
Melt flow indexers are the industrial devices heavily demanded in the plastic sector. The polymer industry makes a good use of this device with better performance and longer durability. 
Hot and cold water bath equipment is highly demanded in the scientific sector for determining the chemical properties of the laboratories. It is easily operated and essentially reliable. 
Weighing scales are the weighing instruments that are used for the measurement of various samples. The latest technology has been acknowledged for the digital working mechanism of these devices. 
Dumbbell Cutting Die
The dumbbell cutting die is used for cutting the material with varied sizes. The precise cut pieces are used for the testing samples such as rubber. 
Laboratory ovens are used in various scientific and manufacturing industries. It is used for carrying out samples determinations and experiments under uniform temperature. It is used for drying and sterilizing applications. 
GSM balance scale is used for the weighing applications. It is equipped with digital technology for acquiring an accurate result. Easy display is a convenient feature.
Vicat softening point is primarily used for the comparison of different materials with distinct heat characteristics under temperature elevated points. It is also referred as vicat needle test.
Hydraulic Dumbell Sample Cutting Press is mainly used for cutting accurate sized samples of rubber and other similar materials for their further testing and estimating quality of rubber for future industrial applications.
Lab Model Rubber Two Roll Mill
Lab Model Rubber Two Roll Mill is used for processing of rubber material. It converts natural rubber in versatile compounds. It is equipped with safety features along with high mixing performance.
Impact Tester
Engineers and researchers in their labs test the behaviour of different materials under impact loads by using an instrument called an impact tester. This instrument is required to test parts, components and certain equipment used in aerospace, automotive, construction, metalworking and other industries.

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